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Choosing Phone Guys is the easiest part of my job! They take complex communication issues and get the job done for the fair cost they quote. Never a hassle, and never a problem. They do their job so that I can do mine.

   ~ Scott Barsuhn, Minneapolis



"Phone Guys has been taking care of Wayzata Community Church's telephone equipment for many years. This facility has been restored and expanded several times in it's history and, as such, it is a major challenge to technicians dealing with the infrastructure. Phone Guys knows every nook and cranny of our facility and can easily assess and address any communications issue we have. We highly recommend Phone Guys."

   ~ Carol Parrish


"Your quote was laid out really well and with good detail. You guys did an excellent job of answering questions and making suggestions. I am very impressed by the professionalism and competence of everyone we've met with Phone Guys."

   ~ Vanessa - Blaine, MN

In my opinion Phone Guys is the best telephone provider I have ever dealt with. After all I put them through with maintaining 15 branches, nothing is ever too great or too small of a job, even the response time is incredible. I have dealt with a number of vendors in the past and none compare to the level of service given by The Phone Guys!

   ~ Andrew Tesch

Whether it's basic maintenance or a complete systems change, it's great to work with Ben and his staff at the Phone Guys! They understand that we aren't the telecommunications experts, so they take the time to listen to us and to explain the capabilities of our systems so that we can find the best solution for our needs.

We have made every effort to keep our service with the Phone Guys because we value their dependability and reliability. I recommend them without hesitation.

   ~ Christopher Reali - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ben and his staff are wonderful to work with. With confidence I can say there isn't anything they cannot handle. Every single person I've worked with at Phone Guys has been knowledgeable AND pleasant each and every time I've had to call. The response time is incredible, and they truly go over and above on every aspect of their service. It's truly service like no other. You get that home town feel with them because they are so personable.

   ~ Mischelle Johnson - Golden Valley, MN

We highly recommend Phone Guys as our dealings with them have been very positive. Experienced, service oriented technicians along with quick response time.

   ~ Richard Aderman - Big Lake, MN


I highly recommend the Phone Guys!
As an office manager, I am always looking for reliable vendors who can assist and resolve our issues quickly.
I switched to the Phone Guys over a year ago and I have been very pleased with their knowledge and great customer service compared to other competitors I have used.
The pricing is competitive and cater to our business needs.

   ~ Alysa Hannula - Minneapolis, MN


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